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Automatic Glass Door Repair Services In Dubai - Sliding Into Savings

Professional Automatic Sliding Glass Door Repair by GarageDXB

In need of automatic glass door repair? Your sliding glass door may seem unbreakable, but that doesn’t mean it’s invincible to wearAutomatic sliding glass door in dubai and tear. Whether you accidentally bump into it or someone inside accidentally hits it, you could end up with a broken door that no longer slides easily or closes properly. Fortunately, if you live in Dubai, your repair options don’t have to be limited by your location or the type of door you have – all you need is an experienced service provider like Sliding Into Savings to handle your repair job.


All of our employed automatic glass door repair technicians are highly trained and skilled experts with the knowledge to perform repairs on all makes and models. Repairs are performed thoroughly and in a safe manner.


We are locally owned and operated with more than all locations across the Dubai. You can trust your local technician in Dubai to provide the best in quality automatic glass door repair services in Dubai.


We continue to provide the industry’s most innovative and highest quality products for both residential and commercial glass door applications. When a repair isn’t enough, we can install a quality and durable replacement.

We Provide Professional Automatic Sliding Glass Door Repair & Maintenance!

Is your sliding glass door stuck, sticking, in need of new hardware or glass? A damaged sliding glass door isn’t just inconvenient but can pose a safety risk to your household. Just like a broken window, it’s vital to repair your home’s sliding glass door as soon as possible.

At Garage DXB, many of our local technicians are trained to repair and replace all types of glass doors, including sliding glass doors. Our technicians, operating out of over in Dubai, are available to help you today. Schedule an appointment online or call 0523719388


Licensed, Highly Trained, Experienced Automatic Glass Door Repair Technicians

Emergency 24-Hour Automatic Glass Door Repair Services for Residential & Commercial Customers

Reliable Automatic Glass Door Expertise Providing Total Customer Satisfaction

Locally Available Technicians for Timely and Cost Effective Automatic Glass Door Repair In Dubai

How to Repair a Sliding Glass Door

While a sliding glass door may prove to be a huge asset to a home, allowing copious amounts of fresh air and sunlight into space, over time, they may require repair. Common issues with sliding glass doors include:

sliding glass door repair

  • A Door That’s Difficult to Slide
    A door that is difficult to slide may need a roller replacement or may need to be realigned. Try these steps to fix a door that is difficult to slide:

    1. Begin the fix by cleaning the bottom door track. Be sure to remove debris, big and small, to ensure a smooth slide.
    2. Due to fluctuations in weather and frequency of use, it’s possible for a sliding glass door’s roller to require adjustment. Use the adjusting screws at the bottom of the metal door frame to raise or lower the rollers. Adjust until the door slides appropriately.

If neither of these tricks improves the function of your sliding glass door, it is likely time to replace the door’s rollers. While DIY roller repair is possible, it is difficult. We recommend hiring your local Glass Doctor to replace your sliding glass door rollers.

  • Broken Hardware
    Like any door or window, the equipment on a sliding glass door will corrupt extra time. It’s extremely basic for sliding glass entryway equipment to require substitution. At GarageDXB Glass Door repair and installation, we habitually supplant sliding glass entryway equipment, including handles, locks, strikes and managers, rollers/wheels, tracks, aides, and guards.
  • Cracked or Shattered Glass
    Sliding glass doors are often equipped with double pane glass (an insulated glass unit or IGU) or laminated / safety glass. This type of glass repair is our specialty. Not only can we replace the existing glass, but we can also replace the unit with upgraded glass including glass that is tinted, textured, or equipped with energy-efficient upgrades. Most glass repair and replacement may be completed on location.
  • Deteriorated Seal
    Seals around doors and windows are vital to the function of your home as they help to keep debris, critters, and the elements out of your home. A deteriorated seal can lead to water damage and insects inside your home. If your local Glass Doctor does not engage in seal replacement, we recommend contacting our friends at Handyman Services In Dubai.
  • A Ripped Screen
    One of the best parts of a sliding glass door is its screen! A sliding screen door, sized to accompany your sliding glass door, allows fresh air into your home. A ripped or damaged screen compromises the function of your door and makes it less valuable to your household.

Although repairing a sliding glass door can be a DIY job, it isn’t recommended. Sliding glass doors are a significant investment, with average prices for parts and installation hovering between AED2000 and AED5,000. Protect your investment with professional repairs from your local Glass Doctor.



Swing Door OperatorsThese are the most flexible unit available on the market today and they are the ideal solution for both existing and new build applications. The Swing Operator can be supplied and installed as a single or double unit (in-head or face-fixed) and has the following features: Reliable, cost effective, easy to install, low energy, low maintenance and integrates with a wide range of accessories.

Sliding Door Operators

Sliding Door Operators

Where requirements dictate larger glazed areas. The Sliding Operator can be supplied and installed as a single or double unit (in-head or face-fixed) and has the following features: Reliable, low maintenance and integrates with a wide range of accessories. automatic glass doors.

Similar to the Swing systems, can be incorporated into most premises with little building works. automatic glass doors.

Revolving Door Packages

Revolving Door Packages

Normally are within the larger upgrading projects, but with the latest security issues we all face today. Can be retro-fitted to form a safer working environment also supporting any climate controlled building management system. automatic glass doors.

Activation & Accessories

Photocells, infrared movement detectors, floor-mounted induction loops, push pads, card readers, hand-held radio transmitters and many more.




glass door repair dubai

The Importance of Professional Automatic Sliding Glass Door Repair

Whether you’re looking to repair your rollers or replace your unit’s glass, it’s important to find professionals who’ve worked on custom glass designs and pride themselves on producing truly unique, quality work.

At Garage DXB, we pride ourselves on providing:

  • Energy-efficient glass to reduce energy costs and save on utility bills.
  • Decorative glass options with matching side windowpanes to enhance the look of your home.
  • Double-pane windows to ensure energy efficiency within your home.
  • Laminated and tempered glass that meets regulations for hurricane safety to protect your home against all kinds of weather.

Our Covered Area.

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